Chateau & Table d’Hôte

Live like royalty in this fairy-tale chateau in Champagne. Be warmly welcomed to an experience of true luxury!

Chateau stay

Nestled close to Châlons-en-Champagne, this 17th century chateau has been renovated as close to its original state as possible. Every corner of the chateau is resplendent and stylish. And the entire location can be hired for your wedding or special event.

Table d’Hôte

We offer a number of packages to suit your desires. From accommodation only to a full service stay with breakfast and dinner. If you opt for the complete package, be ready for a culinary treat, as the chef is renowned for their exceptional cuisine!

Champagne tours

During your stay, we arrange two visits for you, to a large champagne house as well as a personal visit to a small champagne producer. And we can also arrange activities such as a delicious lunch or a vineyard walking tour.

Impression Chateau & Table d’Hôte


Chateau & Table d'hôte with 2 champagne tours

This package can be booked on specific weekends. It includes two nights for two persons in a chateau room, a delicious breakfast, a 3-course dinner with accompanying wines, water and coffee/tea (Friday evening), champagne aperitif with nibbles and 4-course dinner with accompanying wines, water and coffee/tea (Saturday evening).

The package also includes tours to a champagne house and a champagne producer, including tastings.

Stay in a Chateau with 2 champagne tours

You stay in one of the beautifully decorated chateau rooms or tower room on the grounds. You’re also welcome to relax by the fireplace in the grand living room, or enjoy a stroll along the nearby lake!

Your stay includes breakfast and visits to a champagne house and a champagne producer.

The whole chateau to yourself

The chateau can be completely rented for groups, including bedrooms and other areas. An exclusive party or wedding can also be arranged – in combination with visits to legendary champagne houses and champagne producers, should you desire. The chateau offers accommodation for up to 32 guests, including the chateau rooms and other accommodation on the grounds. More guests are welcome to attend the party, of course, and additional accommodation can be arranged nearby.

Extra options

Many extra options can be booked. After something specific? Feel free to contact us!

Our packages

Chateau & Table d’Hôte

Package as described above


not yet new dates set


€425 p.p.

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Chateau stay

2 nights with 2 champagne tours


dates on request


€380 p.p.

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The entire Chateau

Rent the entire chateau!


Minimum 3 nights

Accommodation for max. 32 guests based on two-person occupancy.

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