Luxury classic car rally


The beautiful surroundings of Champagne are an ideal region for a beautiful car rally in vintage cars. Think of a Morgan, Porsche, Austin Healey, Jaguar, MG and Ford. Professional guidance and routes are included.

Classic car rally

The Champagne region is incredibly diverse. Of course the hilly vineyards, forests, rural paths and not to forget the Avenue de Champagne. Who wouldn’t want to drive through that!

The old-timers are very well maintained and come from a private collection. This is a unique experience to do with a group from 10 people to a maximum of 28 people.

Impression Luxury Classic Car Rally


Luxurious classic cars

There are some amazing old-timers waiting for you. You can choose from; Austin Healey, Morgan, Porsche, Jaguar, MGA, Ford Thunderbird and Mustang. Enough choice! The cars are privately owned and very well maintained and are lovely to see.

Touring in Champagne

Once everyone has made a choice for a luxury classic car, you’re off. We work with detailed routes that can be followed on a screen in the car. This way you as a driver and co-driver can enjoy cruising through the region to the fullest. Along the way you can also change as a driver. It is possible to book this from 5 cars / 10 people and there is room for a maximum of 28 people in 10 cars.

Professional guidance

A professional team is available all the time. They help if necessary and are well acquainted with old-timers.

Effervescent closure

Of course you want a good glass of champagne after such a special rally, so we’ll arrange that! An ideal way to share your experiences and enjoy that with a big smile.

Admin Fees

If you only book an activity, administration costs per person apply. This applies to the total of all booked activities. The administration costs are €15.00 per person.

Extra options

There are several extra options that can be booked. Specific wishes? Feel free to contact with us!

Our packages

Package A

Luxury Classic Car Rally


  • 5 cars – 10 people
  • 3 hours including stops
  • glass of champagne afterwards
  • €1.485 p.p.

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    Package B

    Luxury Classic Car Rally


  • 10 cars – 20 people
  • 3 hours including stops
  • glass of champagne afterwards
  • €1.370 p.p.

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    Enjoy the possibilities in the Champagne!