Truffle hunt in the Champagne region

Attention truffle lovers! This activity is a must if you love truffles, because you can go truffle hunting in Champagne.

Truffle hunt in Aube

In the months October to December you can search for this black gold in the Champagne region. Together with the truffle expert you’ll go into the woods of Aube where you’ll hunt for this unique product. This type of mushroom grows underground, therefore the dog Pino comes with you during the hunt. He has a very good nose to detect them. Not only is it a fun and activity, but it is also environmentally responsible. You will also learn a lot about nature. Afterwards you take your catch to the tasting room where you will taste the truffles in combination with one of her delicious champagnes.  

Impression truffle hunting


Truffle hunt

Together with the truffle expert and truffle dog Pino you will hunt for truffles in the mysterious forest of Clairvaux! This activity takes half a day and can be booked from 4 people or more. You’ll leave in the morning or after lunch. During this morning or afternoon you will not only look for truffles, but you will also learn a lot about nature, various tree and plant species and you can fully enjoy the freedom of the outdoors.

Tasting the catch

The catch is of course immediately tasted upon returning to the tasting room. The truffle expert is also a winemaker and produces her own champagnes. The truffles will be tasted in combination with one of her champagnes. In other words, ultimate pleasure!

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Additional options

There are various additional options that can be booked. Specific wishes? Please feel free to contact with us!

Truffle hunt

Looking for truffles in the Champagne region.

October – December €82,00 p.p.

can only be booked in combination with a package

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