Impression Culture & history

The Champagne region has a rich history, and numerous fascinating historical and cultural places to visit!

800-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral

The 800-year-old Notre Dame cathedral in Reims is the most famous building in the region. The numerous coronations and festivities that have taken place here over the centuries make this a particularly impressive and interesting place. In short, it’s cathedral full of stories.


Champagne offers plenty of museums. Not just in Reims, but also in other locations throughout the region. It goes without saying that there is a wine museum, which offers delightful views, but there are also other impressive museums such as that of the painter, Renoir.

Impression Culture & history


Avenue de Champagne in Epernay

Avenue de Champagne is a famous, long street in Epernay. Epernay is considered the historic centre of Champagne, so it’s only natural to find a grand main street of champagne here. The avenue is a picturesque setting to take a stroll, and is also home to many of the impressive large champagne houses. A must-see in Champagne!

Notre Dame Cathedral in Reims

Reims is the most famous city in Champagne. Thanks to its long history, there is much to explore and many beautiful places to visit. Notre Dame Cathedral is the most well-known construction in Reims. Many kings were crowned in this 800-year-old cathedral. Inside this gothic church, you can gaze up at the fantastic windows painted by Marc Chagall. The cathedral is one of the cultural highlights of the region and without a doubt a must-see!

Palais du Tau in Reims

The beautiful Palais du Tau can also be found in Reims. Along with Notre Dame cathedral, this episcopal palace has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1991. Its construction dates from as long ago as the 15th century! It was built between 1498 and 1509 and later reconstructed in 1675. The French kings who were crowned in the cathedral of Reims stayed in the palace during the coronation festivities. Definitely worth a visit, and with the audio guide you’ll learn all the fascinating details about this historical place!

Museums in Reims

You’ll find a variety of museums in Reims, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Foujita Chapel, Saint Remi Museum, Museum de la Reddition (WWII surrender), Fort de la Pompelle and the Planetarium.

Churches in Troyes

We would certainly recommend a visit to the beautiful Saint-Pierre or Saint-Paul cathedrals, Saint-Madeleine church, Saint-Urbain basilica or the Saint-Pantaléon. The Saint-Urbain basilica is a gothic masterpiece with amazing stained-glass windows, while Saint-Pantaléon church contains a grand collection of sculptures. They give a great impression of the gothic style, and house many special treasures of local heritage.

Museums in Troyes

In and around Troyes you can choose from the following museums: Museum of Modern Art, the Pharmacy museum, Maison de l’Outil et de la Pensée Ouvrière or the Saint-Loup museum.

Renoir's studio

Located in a delightfully scenic spot and also very interesting is the museum and former studio of the famous painter Renoir. Located in the very picturesque southern village of Essoyes, you’ll soon discover why Renoir loved coming here so much.


You will find the wine museum right among the vineyards. Here, the history and origin of champagne is on display. Delightful photos and old tools take you back in time. But there is also another museum, located in the oldest champagne cooperative. They have created a modern museum here which also explains more about this very special product and its history.

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