Share the harvest

The harvest is perhaps the most dynamic time of year in Champagne. Everyone is busy picking grapes and getting them to the press as fast as possible. And now you can experience the harvest for yourself!

Get to work in the vineyard

Helping the producer with the harvest is a truly special experience. Picking the grapes means holding gold in your hands! Luckily there are a few producers who entrust you with their valuable goods. After clear instruction, you can start picking grapes in the vineyard. Together with the many others working with you, you are responsible for this magical wine. And after the work is done, enjoy the very fitting reward of a champagne lunch!

Impression of share the harvest


Share the harvest

This is your chance to pick the most valuable grapes in the world! And we have a number of producers who allow you to join in. They inform you carefully about what to do and then you get down to work. You’ll share the vineyard with dozens of other grape pickers. A memorable experience guaranteed. You can book this experience for 2 people or more.

Champagne lunch

After all the hard work, you’ve earned a reward, and what more fitting than a delicious champagne lunch. Share your experiences over a glass of champagne and tasty refreshments.

It’s also possible to book this activity without the lunch.

Booking with package

This activity is only booked in combination with our packages.

Extra options

A variety of extra options can be booked too. Specific wishes? Feel free contact to contact us!


Share the harvest

grape picking and possibly a champagne lunch

harvest period August – September

minimum of 2 people
from €95 p.p.

can only be booked in combination with a package

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