Cooking workshop with lunch or dinner

Cooking together is a popular pastime. Creating new dishes, discovering different flavours and above all, having fun. And this just happens to be one of our activities you can enjoy when you’re in Champagne.

Culinary workshop

During this half day workshop, you’ll work together to create something amazing. The chef who will guide you through the workshop has considerable notoriety in Champagne. So, you know you’re in good hands, even if you’re not an experienced cook. And having fun is an important factor in this culinary workshop.

Lunch or diner

After you’ve showed off your finest culinary talents, it’s time to enjoy, and savour your lunch or dinner. An accompanying champagne can be served with each course. Your culinary efforts translate into well-earned relaxation!

Impression Cooking workshop


Culinary workshop

Cooking with a group is a great experience. Throughout this workshop, the chef will guide you through the different recipes, so you’ll make an array of delicious dishes together. The workshop lasts between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the size of the group and how extensively you wish you cook.

Lunch or dinner

After the workshop has finished, you will enjoy your lunch or dinner together. Sharing the dining table is a delicious reward for your efforts. You can also enjoy different champagnes with each course to ensure a sparkling dining experience.

In Reims or the region

We have several locations for cooking workshops available. It is possible in Reims especially for larger groups.

We also offer a cooking workshop in a beautiful 4 **** chateau in the region where the chef personally provides guidance. This is suitable for the smaller groups with a minimum of two people. We can also book an overnight stay in this chateau. In that case it is a complete festive experience.

Booking with package

This activity is only booked in combination with our packages.

Extra options

Want to expand on the workshop or have specific requests? Feel free contact to contact us!


Package A


Cooking workshop
lunch or diner included
with chef

from € 110 p.p.
for groups

can only be booked in combination with a package

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Package B

In the region

Cooking workshop
lunch or diner included
with executive-chef from 4* Chateau

from € 230 p.p.
for 2 – 10 persons

can only be booked in combination with a package

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