Champagne workshop

Champagne is the most famous wine in the world! And there is so much to learn about it. Curious? Book a champagne workshop!

Champagne workshop with an expert

During the workshop, you’ll learn plenty of fascinating information about this special wine, from its origins through to the production process, and of course the differences between types of champagne. You’re also treated to several champagnes so your taste buds can learn too. You can participate in this workshop during your visit to Champagne, but also before you leave, so you’re already a connoisseur when you arrive in Champagne.


Impression of champagne workshop


Champagne workshop during your stay

When you visit the champagne producers you receive all kinds of information about this wondrous wine. The experience is even more interesting when you have had an expert explain all the ins and outs of champagne. For example, attention is paid to the differences among champagnes and the details of the production process. And naturally, the best way to learn is to taste. The workshop lasts, depending your choice of workshop at least 1,5 hour.

Champagne workshop before departure

The Dutch Champagne Ambassador 2016 can arrange a champagne workshop or even a course for you, prior to departure! Benefit from being much better informed from the outset of your trip about the origins and production process of champagne. You’ll find yourself understanding and recognising the concepts covered in conversation with the producers. And of course, it’s a great way to start looking forward to your stay in the Champagne region.

Booking with package

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Extra options

Many extra options and activities can be booked with this package. After something specific? Feel free contact to contact us!


Champagne workshop

Learn and taste with an expert

from €65 p.p.

can only be booked in combination with a package

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