La Route du Champagne en fête

29 & 30 July 2023

Fancy a festive, musical and gastronomic walk in the Champagne region? Every year, the champagne producers in the south invite visitors to discover their champagne and visit the cellars! Several wine villages are completely decorated to receive tens of thousands of champagne enthusiasts. Beside these visits to champagne houses and producers, many fun activities are organized. A unique festival to get to know the region!

In 2023 it will be the 26th time and this year the ‘Route du Champagne en fête’ will take place on 29 and 30 July in the Côte des Bar, Celles-sur-Ource, in the Aube region. This hillside area, named after the beautiful river which flows through it, is full of gorgeous valleys, forests and waterways. It’s here that an enormous champagne route has been set out for you to enjoy many different champagnes. A route you’ll never forget!

Champagne, gastronomy and culture

Savour gastronomic lunches curated by wine experts, wonderful expositions about champagne and charming street musicians. History buffs can also take an interesting walk along the stone winemakers’ houses or ‘cadoles’ in the vineyards. In short, the perfect opportunity to get to know champagne and this beautiful region!

Impression Route du Champagne

The Champagne route

29 & 30 July 2023

Enjoy the two full days of this unique champagne festival! You can taste champagnes for 8 hours each day: Saturday from 10am to 6pm, Sunday from 11am to 7pm.

Champagne passport

When you sign up for the champagne route, you receive a few fun items. Use your champagne ‘passport’ to register your visits and tastings at all the producers! You’ll also receive a map to make following the route easy – as well as your own champagne flute, a bottle of water and a breath tester.

More than 20 tastings at champagne producers

During a delightful walk through the prettily decorated villages, you’ll encounter more than 20 producers. The doors to their secret wine cellars are thrown open during these two days, exclusively for visitors. Discover the passion of the producers while you sip a delicious glass of their sparkling champagne!

Decorated villages and an amazing atmosphere

During this festive event, the villages literally blossom. More than 300,000 flowers are carefully grown for display on these two days. Every village becomes a work of art! Streets are also decorated with cheerful quotes. You’ll find the love of champagne wherever you look. Atmospheric street performance, fun music and lots of champagne lovers make this event an absolute party. There’s so much to see and do!


Package A; This hotel is a 45-minute drive from the Route du Champagne festival in 2023. It is a wonderful luxury location. You can also book a champagne tasting on site in the bar. It is located in the center of the village.

Package B; This is a gîte (cottage) with a few rooms and is a 10-minute drive from the festival. The gîte is very charmingly decorated and is located in a winemakers village. Nearby is one of the best restaurants in the region. There is a kitchen and living room which is shared with the other guests in the gîte. There is also a spacious terrace. The car can be parked 5 minutes walk from the gîte.

Package C; This hotel is located in the center of Troyes. It is an hour’s drive from the festival. Transport to the festival is only possible with your own transport or a taxi. A taxi is expensive these days. The hotel also has a spa and closed parking for a fee and reservation.

Package D; This only concerns access to the festival. And gives you access to the participating producers and the champagne to be tasted. Some producers only offer a single prestige champagne for a fee.


If you stay in Troyes, it is definitely recommended to visit the beautiful Saint-Pierre or Saint-Paul Cathedrals, Saint-Madeleine church, Saint-Urbain basilica or the Saint-Pantaléon. The Saint-Urbain basilica is a Gothic masterpiece with beautiful stained glass windows and the Saint-Pantaléon church with a large collection of sculptures. They give you a nice impression of the Gothic style and inside you can also discover the special treasures of local heritage.

Interested in museums? Then you can choose from the following museums in Troyes and the surrounding area: Museum of modern art, apothecary museum, Maison de l’Outil et de la Pensée Ouvrière or Saint-Loup museum.

Southern region

If you stay in the southern region, Renoir’s museum is interesting. This is located in the southern Essoyes, where you will find one of his former studios and the modern furnished museum. The southern region of Champagne also has many sporting opportunities. Nature is very diverse with forests, lakes and beautiful trails. You can enjoy cycling, walking, sailing, fishing and golf. Or enjoy one of the beaches. Let us know what appeals to you and we will add it to the program.

Extra options

We make your visit unique and surprising by ensuring every day is a special experience. What about the bars and restaurants set in idyllic locations, or one of the romantic squares in Troyes! There are many extra options you can add. And if you have something specific in mind, just let us know.


This offer is not covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website (

If you want the package to with the guarantee conditions, this is possible for a fee. Please contact us for this.

Experience the champagne route!

Package A

Route du Champagne
28 – 31 July 2023

3 nights in a 5* hotel in Bar sur Aube &
entry to Route du Champagne & 2 restaurant reservations

Depends on availability


€ 490 p.p.

Book now!

Package B

Route du Champagne
28 – 31 July 2023

3 nights in a Gîte room in the Bar sur Seine region &
entry to Route du Champagne & 2 restaurant reservations

Depends on availability


€ 350 p.p.

Book now!

Package C

Route du Champagne
28 – 31 July 2023

3 nights in a 5* hotel in Troyes &
entry to Route du Champagne & 1 restaurant reservation

Depends on availability


€710 p.p.

Book now!

Package D

Route du Champagne
29 & 30 july 2023

Entry to Route du Champagne

Please note that tickets are sold through the ‘Brouzje’ webshop.


€ 45 p.p.

Buy tickets!

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