Hot air balloon ride

Superlatives fail us! You’ve never experienced Champagne like this, in a hot air balloon floating over the vineyards. Absolutely unforgettable.

Ballooning over the vineyard

There are many ways to experience the Champagne region, but this is unique, to say the least. Throughout the period from May to October each year, you can savour Champagne from above in a hot air balloon. A balloon trip is of itself special, let alone over the region that produces the world’s most famous wines!

Impression of hot air balloon ride


Hot air balloon ride

A balloon ride is a great experience: it’s both exciting and impressive. And in the period from May to October each year, you can do it in Champagne. A unique experience, floating above this beautiful region. The balloonists have been doing this for years with great pleasure. One hot air balloon takes anywhere from 2 to 10 people. You can choose between 06.00 hour or 18.00 hour. Enjoy a full hour up in the air with this activity!


Such an amazing experience deserves champagne, of course. After the ride, savour the moment with a delicious glass of champagne!

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Hot air balloon ride

Explore the Champagne region from above!
Enjoy spectacular views for one hour with champagne.

May to October
available daily

€ 267 p.p.

can only be booked in combination with a package

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