Ratings and reviews

We all agree…

Great reviews and genuine compliments are wonderful to receive. They make us happy every time.

And these reviews are extremely important to our service. Knowing what our clients think of us, gives us useful, unique insight. When we know what they thought of our trips from start to finish, we can use the information to continually improve.

Was everything well organised? Did they have fun? Were their expectations exceeded?

Hinke has professional experience as a tour guide. And even though we have arranged trips to Champagne for years, we aim to make every new trip a little bit better. With reviews, feedback and of course some compliments, we can make our trips even more special.

And the best part?
Reviews give new clients more insight into our trips and our approach. And hopefully the confidence to book with us. Set out below are some of the reactions, reviews and gifts we have received from our clients.

Birthday present Maison Exclusive

One of our special packages is ‘Maison Exclusive’ and exactly what this customer wanted as a birthday present, supplemented with a number of personal wishes.

‘First of all a huge thank you for organizing and arranging this amazing trip! We really had a blast and are convinced that this was certainly not the last time Champagne.
The absolute plus points of the trip were the hotel including dinner with the other guests, super cozy and delicious champagnes with great dishes. And certainly the buggy tour, this surprised us both very much and was also very educational. The *** dinner was of course also great, in the end we gained many beautiful experiences on this trip! Next time we will only take an even bigger car to bring back even more champagne.
When I hear from family or friends that they want to go to champagne, I will definitely refer them!’

This is how they rated the Maison Exclusive package D package.

Champagne trip: 10
Accommodation: 10
Champagne Travel: 10
Most interesting/fun: The buggy tour. What a cool activity! The panoramic views we had during this tour were amazing, so highly recommended.

In addition to this fantastic feedback, we received delicious chocolate truffles that we enjoyed with the team.

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Morgens Anniversary tailor-made business trip

The consultancy firm Morgens wanted to celebrate its 20th anniversary with a team of 55 people. The colleagues work on various assignments in the country and therefore also a perfect opportunity to catch up.

The wish was to have a program that was not too full. In addition to our program, there was time for their own interpretation. For example, participants went cycling or running in the National Park. And others explored the region further. This was possible due to a longer stay and having their own transport.

‘Champagne travel has supported us well in organizing our company’s lustrum trip. Hinke is flexible, likes to think along and comes up with great suggestions for activities and accommodations. We have experienced both the trip and the guidance at locations as very pleasant and professional. So really recommended!’

This is how they rated the anniversary trip.

Champagnetrip: 9
Accommodation: 9
Champagne Travel: 8
Most interesting/fun: Doing things together. Dinner in Epernay was very successful.

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Achmea Staff association trip

Did it live up to expectations?
‘Certainly, better than expected, only positive reactions’. ‘Thank you very much for the organisation’. ‘Drinking champagne will never be the same again’. ‘It was three great days. Everything ran like clockwork.’ ‘Thank you for this beautiful journey’.

Champagnetrip: 9
Accommodation: 7,5 (Great location, rooms small, but fine for sleeping.)
Champagne Travel: 8,5
Most interesting/fun: Well organized trip, which was not too full, beautiful surroundings. In such a short time we saw a lot, learned and seen a lot, beautiful weather and delicious champagne.

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Kyocera Incentivetrip tailor-made

‘First of all I would like to thank you for the organization and guidance of our weekend. I can assure you that the people were very positive and left with a positive feeling of satisfaction. We have already received several good ratings. Super organization, everything went smoothly.’

This is our received evaluation from Kyocera who booked an incentive trip with us. And how they rated the incentive trip.

Champagnetrip: 9
Accommodation: 9
Champagne Travel: 10
Most interesting/fun part: The cellartour at the champagnehouse followed by the champagnedinner.

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Family weekend 30-year marriage Tailored Reims package

‘Thank you for the fantastic organization of our weekend in the Champagne region. It was exactly right. Together with the great weather we had an unforgettable weekend. ”

We received this evaluation back from a family who spent a special weekend in Champagne. This is how they rated the weekend.

Champagne trip: 9
Accommodation: 10
Champagne Travel: 9
Most interesting / fun: Segway tour + visit champagne houses.

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Business trip for 40 persons Incentive & teambuilding

We took care of the business trip for Henkel. The aim was to do the Kick off 2019 in the Champagne together with a visit to the logistics partner. And that in combination with team building in the bustling region.

‘With a group of 40 colleagues, we were able to enjoy Reims and his champagne for 3 days. We got a nice and interesting masterclass about champagne from Hinke, where we also tasted delicious champagne, visited the impressive champagne house Vranken Pommery, heard and saw more of Reims and surroundings during a guided tour and looked at a number of colleagues who were allowed to saber.

Everyone enjoyed it and looks back on it with great pleasure. It was very nice to be able to do the organization together with Hinke, she is fast, clear, accurate and everything was arranged down to the last detail! Thanks again!’

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‘Walking through the vineyard was the best part. Wandering together with the guide, just the three of us in the vineyard, with beautiful views and interesting information about the region and the grapes, delivered with passion.’

Trip: a 9!
Organisation: 8. ‘Because of the range and service.’
Accommodation: 7.

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A GREAT GIFT Habits de Lumière weekend

‘The company, it was so well organised, the accommodation was good and it was great that the tour and the restaurant were all organised. A total success, we will definitely come back in the summer.’

Trip: 9!
Our organisation: 9! ‘Due to the expertise, options, communication and contact, service’
Accommodation: 8!

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HAPPY CUSTOMER Michelin Luxe package

‘Atmosphere, experience, the interesting visits to champagne houses, the culinary experience with champagne.’

Trip: 8!
Organisation: 8!
Accommodation: 9!

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Trip: 8!
And Champagne Travel: 9! ‘Thanks for organising our trip!’
‘The activities were all a big success and had a wonderful, varied holiday.’

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In October 2016, Champagne Travel organised a special champagne weekend for no fewer than 72 guests, with plenty to see, discover and taste. And a delicious gala dinner at Cave Napoleon.

After this trip, we unexpectedly received a gift, a delicious bottle of Ruinart Rosé. As thanks for the good collaboration and a very successful champagne trip.

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Citroën is a great client. But this gift they gave us was particularly special… Hinke was allowed to drive around in this car for an entire week, with the Brouzje and Champagne Travel logos proudly on display.
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