Champagne Tourist Route

An extensive tourist route has been created in the Champagne region, an ideal way to discover the region by car. The route takes you through small villages and past the vineyards. Along the way you’ll discover an array of unique places to see or visit.

The route

The tourist route is split into 5 regions with a total of around 700 kilometres. You can of course drive the areas separately. For example, you might drive a section of the route, stopping at a champagne producer or champagne house along the way. This makes the tour even more interesting. You’ll also find museums, picturesque churches and other attractions en route. And – of course – the beautiful Champagne vineyards.

Visit champagne producers and houses

On the tourist route, you pass many champagne producers and large champagne houses which you can visit. We suggest that you book this in advance. Not every producer or house can accommodate a spontaneous visit or they might be fully booked. We can arrange a booking for you. In any event we recommend you book in advance in order to make the most of your visit!

Impression of champagne tourist route

Regional routes

Reims and surrounds

This route takes you from Reims to Epernay with beautiful roads that curve through the landscape. You start by driving slightly west of Reims and then head to the south-east and Epernay. This area is also known as the heart of Champagne.

Epernay and Sezanne

Many large champagne houses are located on the Avenue de Champagne in Epernay. It’s worth taking a stroll here. From Epernay, the route leads you south through quaint villages and then to the south of Sezanne.

Vallée de la Marne

This route takes you into the valley of the Marne river. You start in Epernay and make a loop through this region to the village of Château Thierry and back. You’ll find many champagne producers on this route.

Côte des Bars

If you’re looking to discover the south of Champagne, take this route. You start in the quaint village of Bar-sur-Aube, heading to Bar-sur-Seine and back. You’ll pass through the village where painter Renoir kept a studio. In short, an appealing and delightful route.


This is the shortest of the five, but is nevertheless a highly attractive route through a lesser-known area of Champagne. The route is a loop which starts in Vitry-le-Francois.

Booking with package

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Extra options

A variety of extra options can be booked. For example, a visit to a producer or champagne house. After something in particular? Feel free contact contact to contact us!


Champagne touristic route

5 routes

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