The lovely sparkling wines, of course. And all the culinary delights in the Champagne region. But there are even more reasons to go to Champagne for a few days. We have listed five tips from our Champagne travel experts.

Hinke de Jong, founder of Champagne Travel: “Champagne is much more relaxed than I first thought. Of course, there is plenty of splendor in Champagne, but with smaller producers in smaller towns the atmosphere is very different. Champagne is more versatile than you might think, and that is what I would like you to discover.” These five tips are the perfect starting points for an unforgettable trip, long or short, to Champagne.


#1: World Heritage

Hello culture lovers, Champagne is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage no less than three times. Not only are the historic vineyards of Hautvilliers, Aÿ and Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, and Fort Chabrol in Epernay are on the list, but also the beautiful Avenue de Champagne. This is the one-kilometer-long road in Epernay, past all the beautiful historic buildings of various champagne houses. Also, think of the kilometers long underground cellars here, where all that champagne is maturing. If you wish, Champagne Travel can arrange exclusive tastings (or even a dinner!) in such a cellar. That gives another dimension to the concept: tasting culture.


#2: The Champagne region is not that big

If you treat yourself to a mini holiday in Champagne, you don’t have to travel miles to see the highlights of the region. Everything in Champagne is surprisingly accessible, you can drive anywhere in a maximum of 45 minutes. Which means less time behind the wheel, more time in nature, the cellars, and wineries to taste and discover champagne. Don’t feel like driving? Sensible, even with a taxi you can get from place to place in no time.


#3: The Champagne region is ideal for small group tours

A weekend with friends? Team building with colleagues? Away for a few days with children and family? Champagne in particular is perfect for traveling with small groups. See point 5: you will reach your destination within a few hours. The region offers plenty of attractive accommodations for groups – cozy, homely and comfortable. Fortunately, all facilities for business meetings are also available, such a great way to combine business and pleasure. A joint champagne tasting is a festive way to start the trip. And there is plenty to do and experience in Champagne, see point 5.

#4: There is plenty to do in the Champagne region

Of course, you will taste champagne if you stay here. And a visit to a beautiful Champagne house is also a good idea. But besides that, there is still enough to do. A cycling or walking route through the vineyard is fun, especially if a guide can tell you everything about viticulture. And how about a buggy ride through the vineyards? Spectacular! And a tour with mountain bikes through the forests and along beautiful paths between vineyards is also unforgettable. People who dread going up and down on these hills by bike: don’t worry, that is becoming much easier nowadays with e-bikes and electric mountain bikes.

#5: Champagne is a perfect stopover on the way to the south of France (or on the way back home)

If you leave Utrecht by car at 10 a.m., you will be on the cobblestones in the center of Reims at 3 p.m. Champagne is not far away at all! This location makes Champagne the perfect stopover halfway between southern France or northern Italy. Book a night or two in the region and you will arrive at your holiday destination well-rested. The same but the other way around on the way back: don’t rush home in one go, but rest on time, check into a nice hotel and have a relaxing meal in the evening in the center of Reims or in an excellent bistro in the countryside.


Warning: don’t miss these opportunities

BAre you inspired to book such a nice weekend or midweek in the Champagne? Be on time. Precisely because Champagne is not that big, accommodations and activities have limited capacity. Hinke: “Timely planning is recommended. At Champagne Travel we arrange total packages, including accommodations and activities, at a high level. No stress, just enjoy from start to finish.”

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